Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reese's 2nd birthday

This blog post is going to be written backwards, from the end of the day to the beginning. The reason is because I have uploaded the pictures in opposite order and it takes too much time to move them all around.

Thursday was Reese's 2nd birthday. I do not know how 2 years have already past. The have been the 2 best years of my life and I am SO thankful for her precious life. Neal and I took the day off to spend with her. Below are some pictures that we took to capture the day. We ended the day with dinner with Gigi and Pop Pop, but I failed to get any pictures there and her Emmie flew in late after Reese was down for bed.

We took Reese to see her 1st movie. We were unsure how this would go but she ended up doing great. It didn't hurt that the theatre was completely empty so she was able to run around some. She did make it through a good 45 minutes sitting in my lap, BUT she had pop corn and dippin dots to occupy her. We loved the movie and were so excited to make it through the entire thing.

Before the movie we took her to Chuck e cheese. We played lots of games and got her some candy with her tickets. She had a blast.
We started the day with breakfast at a cute Rogers bakery and a trip to the toy store to buy a new toy. Not surprisingly she chose a baby. She loves this baby, that she named Jilly, and she goes everywhere now.
My cute girl while we were driving to our various destinations.

On Wednesday she celebrated her birthday at school. I got her a Yo Gabba Gabba cookie cake to celebrate with her school friends. I left my camera and asked one of her teachers to get some shots of her with the cake. She did such a great job and I know these are pictures we will treasure. Thanks Charis!

Her BFF Reagan.

We had her birthday party today and had such a good time. I have a lot of editing to do but I hope to have those pictures up soon. Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl!

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