Thursday, April 5, 2012

roid rage

Last Monday Reese woke up with some minor red splotches on her face. The child has skin that gets strange splotches at random times so I didn't think much of it. On Tuesday after waking up from her nap her school called me to let me know it was looking worse but it didn't seem to be bothering her. By Wednesday afternoon it was so bad and swollen and irritating to her that we had to skip swimming class (the 1st one of the season that I'd gotten her so excited about) to go to the pediatricians office.

The pediatrician really was not much help and suggested Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream (which we were already doing). Since that was not helping and she was scratching sores on her arms an face I decide to get her in to see a pediatric dermatologist on Thursday. She thinks it may be a sun allergy (terrible :() and wanted to take part of her skin to send off for verification. Since Neal was traveling and I had 2 under 2 by myself I decided I did not really want Reese to be dealing with stitches. She prescribed a steroid to clear up the rash and gave us a hypoallergenic sun screen to try. I told her if this persists through the summer we may consider sending a skin sample.

Reese and steroids have not been a good combination. She has been whiny, moody, mean and sad for a whole week. Everything causes a melt down and she doesn't want anything you offer her. If she asks for milk and you get it for her she then throws a fit for juice and if you give in and get her juice she throws a fit for water and if you get her water she then just throws a fit so you have to give up and let the fit happen. My best guess is that the steroids have made her feel awful. My mom said that they make her and my youngest sister feel awful so it's possible. I am pleased to say he has been off of the steroids since tuesday night and last night my happy, somewhat easy going, funny, super sweet girl was back. We had such a fun evening and I'm SO happy to have her back. She also got to go to swimming lessons for the first time this season and had a blast.

Below are some photos of the rash & her silly new "cheese" face:

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