Monday, April 9, 2012

Remembering my sweet uncle

My mom is one of 6 children. My grandmother suffered with infertility for 12 long years. During that time she adopted my Aunt Beverly & Aunt Elizabeth. She then became pregnant with my mom and was thrilled to have a complete family of 3 girls. She was surprised to find out that she'd accidentally become pregnant and even more surprised to find out that she was pregnant with triplets. So, she ended up having 6 children under the age of 4!!!

Sadly, three days after Ella was born my sweet Uncle John, one of the triplets, took his own life. My mom was with us in NWA helping me with Ella when we got this devastating news. Unfortunately, being that I was just days out from having a baby I was unable to make it home for the funeral but they taped it for me. Today is the triplets birthday and it's so sad that we cannot celebrate another year for all 3 of them. Uncle John was such a sweet, soft spoken & caring man. He is greatly missed.

Happy birthday Aunt Maureen & Uncle Pat!

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