Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ella is 1!

Ella, I cannot believe that you are 1 today. We go to the doctor for your 1 year check up on November 2nd to find out your exact stats and percentiles. You wear a size 12-18 months, a size 4 shoe and a size 4 diaper. You are getting bigger every day. You have 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth that are just popping in. You are such a happy girl and so smiley.

You are being transitioned to only 1 nap at school and this often makes you pretty fussy in the evenings. I don’t think you are ready for only 1 nap so we are sticking with 2 on the weekends. You love to play and figure things out. You like to chase balls while all of the neighbors are out playing in the cul-de-sac, you love the little toy car that our neighbors have loaned us…you really just love to be outside, just like your sister.

You are a pretty good eater. You have eaten anything I’ve ever given you. Lately you love to eat the squeezable applesauce (although you make a huge mess with them), mashed potatoes, mandarin oranges and turkey. I am going to transition you away from your bottles tomorrow, we will see how that goes. You began practicing with sippy cups about 2 months ago and you are now pretty good at it.

You can say night-night, mama, dada and ball but you don’t really associate the words with what they are yet. You love to wave hi and bye and you blow sweet kisses. You are so much better of a sleeper at this age than your sister was. You go to bed around 7:30 and you wake up at about 7, you sleep solid through the night…I. AM. SO. THANKFUL. FOR. THIS!

You are such an amazing addition to our family. I am so thankful for your precious life and that I get to be your mommy. Happy 1st birthday, I love you so much sweet girl!

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