Sunday, October 7, 2012

Branson- fall 2012

Last weekend we took a short trip over to Branson. We only spent 2 nights there but we had a really fun time. We got in on a Thursday and spent the evening on the Landing. We ate at Bass Pro’s restaurant. We always eat at this restaurant because there are fish and animals mounted on the walls for the little girls entertainment, it is loud (disguises the noises that loud young children might make) and the food is pretty good. After dinner we went down to the fire and water display. Ella loved it and Reese decided she was scared of it, but she had a good time.

 On Friday we ate pancakes at a local diner and then went to the butterfly palace. The butterfly palace was fun but overpriced for what it was. I was expecting a really large rainforest with lots of butterflies (similar to the one in Galveston) but this was more of a medium sized back yard that was really humid with some butterflies. The girls didn’t love it but they had a good time. That evening we went back to the landing. We went to Bass Pro Shop to see the fish tank and all of the animals, both of the girls loved this. Then we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant that is on the water, you can see the fire and water display from your table. After dinner we let Reese enjoy her first build-a-bear experience. She loved this. Meet Macy below, our new bunny rabbit addition. We got Ella a small pre-made version of the one that Reese got, Reese named her Marissa. The names that Reese came up with make me laugh because 2 children from Reese’s class had baby sisters in the past few weeks and they are named Macy and Marissa…she loves babies and she begs to see her friends new babies on facebook every night. Now she and Ella have their own babies, with the same names.

On Saturday we took the girls to the Christmas village. Santa was working at the Christmas shop and he had a long conversation with Reese about listening to her mommy and daddy really well and he would bring her some presents at Christmas. She wasn’t scared of him at all so hopefully she will be excited to sit on his lap this year…we will see.
It was a fun get away. I love getting to spend time away with my cute little family like this.

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