Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reese- 2.5 years old

Reese, you are somehow already 2 and a half years old. You weigh 33 pounds and are much taller than any of your friends. You are now wearing 4T clothes...I bought mostly 3T for Fall about 2 months ago and none of them fit you anymore. You wear a size 8.5 shoe and you are in a size 5 diaper but we are slowly working our way out of diapers, fingers crossed.

You are so precious and getting to be so affectionate. Last night you hugged me and said "I love you mom", it melted my heart. You have recently decided you call me mom instead of mommy. You love your friends and you love to name all of them off to us, most every day. Your best friend is Reagan but you also seem to really love Carter, Blake, Alex, Luke, Tatum and Leo (those are the kids you talk about most anyway). You have recently started to be able to count to 10, although you replace 5 with 9 every time but the rest of it is perfect. You can sing the entire abc's song, twinkle-twinkle, you are my sunshine, Jesus loves the little children, and row row your boat. You father has taught you how to say "cool dude" with your thumb up and "cowabunga dude" but you struggle with that hand gesture- he wants you to be a child of the 80's and has you do this all of the time. You do this strange thing with your mouth that your teacher's have named the alien (I have that one on video). You love to play outside with the neighbors.

You have become a super star sleeper. On the weekends you will sleep from 8:30ish- 9:45ish, we call you our teenager on those nights. You still love Lyla so much. You get so much joy from your binkies and I don't know when or how we are going to eliminate them. You are only allowed to have them at nap and night time and you are okay with that. You hate thunder and loud noises and I am always anxious for you when it is bed time and it is storming.

You and Ella have your tense moments but most of the time you are so sweet to her. If she is upset you are always so quick to figure out a way to make her happy. Yesterday we went to Shogun for lunch. Ella started to fuss when the chef lit the big fire at the beginning. Even though you were concerned yourself your first thought was to comfort Ella. You put your arm around her and told her that it was okay.

You are such an amazing blessing & I am so thankful that He chose us to be your mommy and daddy. We love you sweet girl!

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