Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The circus

Sunday night we took the girls to a small circus that came through the area. The production was a bit hokey but also cute. Both girls really loved it. Reese’s best friend Reagan and her parents joined us. I love that Reese loves Reagan so much and they are so cute together. They fight in true 2 year old fashion about 20% of the time but are always so happy to see each other and sad to see each other go and the majority of the time they play so well together. We rode the elephant, me included. I have to say the elephant ride did not feel very safe even with me being up there with them, I am glad we all made it off unscathed. Reese and Reagan rode the ponies and the train (the train was their favorite) and they fed the animals. The circus was pretty entertaining for all of us. The girls eyes were glued to the acts, even Ella’s. As you can see from the family shot Reese couldn’t take her eyes off of the action even long enough for a photo. We all had a blast and I am glad that we went.


Ella did NOT want to sit still for a photo of their cute new, matching skeleton jammies so she is a bit upset but look at how adorable they are.

This girl is getting so big. As long as you are not trying to make her do something that she doesn’t want to do she is such a smiley, giggly and happy baby. I love my girls!

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