Friday, September 21, 2012

Singles Friday

This week I am linking up with This is a blog that I have fallen in love with because she, like me, struggled with infertility and then was blessed with two beautiful girls. Her girls are close in age like mine and are about 6 months ahead of mine, so it is a bit like a glimpse into my future. I have a lot of fun seeing what new things her girls are into. Periodically she does something called singles week. It is a chance to link blogs up and post things about your single friends that you want to find a match for. Her success in doing this is quite impressive…5 marriages have come out of this!

For a long time I have wanted to get my friend Crystal on this just to see what might happen. Crystal is from a small town in Oklahoma. She is fun, laid back, funny, adventurous and driven. She is one of those girls that loves being pampered and all the fun things that go along with being a girl but also loves going to a baseball game or camping in the woods. Like I said earlier she is from a small town and grew up doing fun outdoorsy things but she also recently lived in New York for 3 years and I have a feeling she would go back if given the chance. She is open to new adventures but also enjoys her current situation. She works in Visual Merchandising for Walmart. She is pretty great with kids also, she has 2 nieces that she loves spending time with and entertaining. If you are interested, please post a little bit about yourself and your email in the comments below.

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  1. Hi! Please check out my cousin, Austin, #22, and email me if you're interested!