Friday, September 14, 2012

He's hoping for a golfer

Twice a year Neal has to travel to New York for market trips for work. His job really has not been travel intensive (outside of these 2 trips) and I am so thankful for that. Having 2 girls alone is a lot of work. I am so thankful to have my Sister here who graciously helped me with bedtime more than once while Neal was gone and my Mom who came up for 4 days to cover some of it while I went to New York (part of my 30th birthday celebration which I will blog separately about soon) to spend the weekend with my hubs.

Neal arrived home on Wednesday around 8:45 in the evening. Reese and I greeted him outside, Ella had enough and fell asleep around 7:45. We were both so happy to have him home. On Wednesday Neal kept the girls out of school for the morning and then let Ella go to school for some of the afternoon while he took Reese out to golf and break in her new clubs that he got for her. He said that the trip consisted of laying on the driving range, playing in the sand and retrieving the balls out of the holes. She did agree to taking about 4 shots. He is considering it a success because she says that she had a fun time and will go again. I love that he wants her to love this sport that he loves so much. Hopefully one of the girls will take to it, through all of his efforts, and he will have a golfing buddy & maybe the other will be my spa and shopping buddy :).

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