Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yesterday was Halloween. We had an absolute ball this year. It was so much fun to have a child that is old enough to grasp what is going on, getting candy all day. She woke up and I told her all about the events of the day, which motivated her not to stall thougout the morning routine like she normally would.
She had a Halloween party at school. This is her and her bff Reagan. They have been in the same class since around 4 months old and have been basically inseperable. I love how much they love each other.

I brought the girls up to my office to trick or treat through the pods. Everyone decorates their pod halls and hands out candy. Reese loved it and got tons of candy but the below photo sums up how Ella felt about it. She only took a 30 minute nap at school. Luckily she fell asleep in the car right after this photo and I drove around for about 45 minutes to allow her to get a cat nap in so that she would be in a better mood for the evening.

 Reese as the cutest Minnie around.

Ella the ella-phant.
Crazy Aunt Chelsea as the Cat in the Hat.


The neighborhood was swarming with tons of kids. Ella only made it 30 minutes or so and then went up to bed. Reese had a blast trick or treating with the neighbors. She would run up to the doors and say "tricky treak". We all had a lot of fun and look forward to many fun Halloween's in the future. We WILL be doing family themed costumes next year.

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