Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reese's 1st dental appointment

This morning we took Reese for her 1st dental appointment. She did such a great job! The dental office was amazing. If you have children and are looking for a dentist I would definitely recommend Northwest Arkansas Pediatric, we saw Dr. Rhodes. They have televisions above each chair so that you can see it when you lay on the table. They play the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or sometimes a movie. They had sinks that were just Reese’s height to use to brush her teeth. The hygienist clearly had dealt with many 2 year olds and couldn’t have been any better with her. They had a whole little kid waiting area with games and tv and books and other fun things. They had a contest going in one of the front rooms (they do a different contest every month) where you trace your hand and make a turkey out of it and write all of the things that you are thankful for. On the back you put your name and number and they will draw at the end of the month for a gift card. It was a really cute exercise to do with Reese- she said she is thankful for baby Ella, cheese, Reagan, Lyla and purple…makes me laugh.  It was a fun land and we worried that it would be hard to get her to leave.

They were able to clean her teeth, floss her teeth, take x-rays and poke around on all of her teeth with no hesitation from Reese whatsoever. We were so proud of her and so impressed with the dentist, the staff and the amenities. I even gave her a sucker once we got in the car for her great behavior :/, Neal told me I get parent of the year for giving her a sucker as a reward for being good at the dentist.

The photos are a bit out of order but I tried to capture each step.

The fun kid waiting area.

The dentist looking at her teeth.

X-ray time.

A picture with Dr. Rhodes.

Watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Brushing at a Reese sized sink.

Letting her feel the suction and water sprayer on her hand first.

She was such a cooperative little patient.

She even let her floss her teeth.

Her cute Thanksgiving hand turkey.

Having fun in the kid's waiting area.

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