Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here comes Santa Clause- 2012

I am pretty sure that this years Santa photo will be my favorite ever. Last years was pretty great but Ella was only 2 months old so I wasn't ready to put her on his lap. This year Reese was thrilled to death to sit on his lap and talk to him and Ella wanted nothing to do with him. I was pretty certain that Ella was going to scream bloody murder, she's not too fond of strangers and pretty much prefers me over anyone else. I thought Reese would be willing to at least talk to him and probably sit in his lap but I never imagined that she would run into his arms like he was her long lost friend. She told him that she wants a baby and princesses, luckily she is getting just that. I think I will frame this years picture at Christmas time each year. Love these girls!
She absolutely loved him.

2011, terrified of Santa.
The elves worked their magic and made her happy.
2010- 1st Santa experience, unsure.
She decided he was okay.
Studying the beard.

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