Monday, October 20, 2014

a binkyless house

The binky fair visited last night and collected all of the binkys to deliver to the babies that need them...we have no more binkys in our house!!!

Ella didn't take a binky until she was 1. She was a pretty content baby and I chose not to offer her a binky. However, when she turned 1 she realized that her classmates and her sister had one and she insisted she would have one too. She would cry and cry at night until you gave her one and then she would go right to sleep. So after a week or two of fighting it Neal and I finally just gave in and decided there are worse things.

Similar to what we did with Reese we have been preparing her that when she turns 3 the binky fairy visits and picks up all of the binkys and delivers them to the babies that need them. After all she is a big girl now. She was pretty sad putting the binkys out for the fairy and she kept telling me she really, really wanted a binky last night but she went to sleep without a problem. She is such and easy going girl when it comes to these sort of transitions. I cannot believe how big she is and am sad that this was one of the last baby like things that she still does. I love this precious girl!

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