Monday, October 20, 2014

The girls 1st camping trip

Neal and I aren't huge campers but we do enjoy it. We haven't braved a camping trip with the girls in tow until a few weeks ago. We decided to go with 4 other families that all have young children. It was only just under 24 hours but it was a success. I think a good time was had by all.

We all arrived around noonish. We set up camp and even assembled a tent just for the kiddos to play in. Of course they wanted to run in and out of the other tents that were not intended for playing and getting dirty. Later in the afternoon we went on a mini hike on a nearby trail. The kids really seemed to think this part was fun. I think Neal and I may take the girls to one of the trails just for the day sometime soon before it gets too cold. The men made chili and cornbread and it was delicious. We then had smores and I think most were in there tents attempting sleep by around 10. I didn't sleep much but the girls did a great job and slept pretty well.

Sunday morning we made breakfast burritos, played some game and were on the road heading back home by around 10. I think we will try it again for 2 nights.

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