Monday, October 20, 2014

Finally, an update

I have done such a terrible job of updating the way that I like to since I have stopped working. I am going to try to be better!

This week is the 9th week of me working only 8 hours per week. The time that I have gotten with my girls has been priceless. We have been participating in all of the fun activities that I have longed to do with them since I have had children. We have made flubber, hand-made bird feeders, hand-made cards for grandparent birthdays, baked cakes, routinely gone to library reading hour, taken them to a bouncy house place, participate in a weekly bible study, snuggled in bed, visited a pumpkin patch, hiked trails, had a picnic joined MOPS and gone on a few walks. Don't get me wrong there are many days that I feel like I am going to pull my hair out but I knew that would be part of it and I wouldn't trade this time I am getting for the world.

The one thing that I never really thought about that has been silver lining is the stronger bond that the girls seem to have gained. They were always apart at school and now they spend so much more time together and play together so sweet. They fight often too but they have a lot of fun together.

Below is a flood of photos during my time at home with them.

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