Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reese's 5th birthday

This year we went pretty big on the party and I was a bit worried about it...and it turned out to be so much fun. Her actual birthday was on a Sunday this year, the day after her party. The family got into town on a Thursday. We had a family dinner with the family that lives in town and the grandparents on Friday evening. Saturday was party day. Reese requested a hula party, about 5 months ago. I wondered if it would change over time but she stuck with it. It ended up being so much fun and was such a great idea for a 5 year old party. Neal built a hula and singing stage, we had a piƱata and we got a bouncy house obstacle course that ended up being far larger than I ever imagined, and was so much fun. Reese had a blast and came out with more presents than any little girl needs but she was very happy about that.

On Sunday the family headed out and we had dinner with just our little family. We all had a lot of fun celebrating our spunky 5 year old. Reese you are such a blessing to us and the past 5 years have given us so much joy, we love you!

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