Sunday, May 10, 2015

Could it be true love?

We have a handful of friends that are likely lifelong friends. One of those families are the Reynolds. They lived across the street from us for 7 years in our old house and we then built two houses away from each other in our current neighborhood. We are close and know each other pretty well.

They have a son, Grayson, that is 10 months older than Reese. Grayson and Reese have always had a pretty cute bond. Last summer (going on a year now) they started talking about one day when they get married. They spend time planning the ceremony. They talk about what dogs will go with them from our families- they plan to take the Reynolds' boxer Lily with them. They talk about where they will live- they had decided they would live at our house but turns out they recently decided they will live in the house that is currently for sale on our street. They know what color flowers they will have at the wedding, they know that Reese's friend Reagan will be in the wedding, they know that they will wait until they aren't teenagers anymore to get married and they know that there will be a lot of purple at the wedding. Depending on the day Ella can come to the wedding but if she and Reese are not getting along she tells her that she cannot come.

Lately Reese has been using the getting married thing as leverage with Grayson. If he isn't being very nice, or acting as she thinks he should be, she tells him she's not marrying him. She often comes home and says "Grayson talked mean today, we aren't getting married anymore". The girl has learned manipulation young. Poor guy!

Last week they spent about a half an hour sitting on the bench on our front porch eating his gummy bears together and talking. I heard bits and pieces of the conversation and the wedding did come up at least once. I doubt they end up getting married because their relationship is so much like a brother sister one. I just love these 2 so much!!

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