Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reese lost her 1st tooth & cut her own hair

As we all know Mr. Pickles is really naughty. Because of this behavior he has to wear a really thin leash at all times, so that we can pull him off the table, out of the trash, away from the door and out of whatever else he is in but he shouldn't be.

On February 20th Reese decided to put this gross leash into her mouth and play tug of war with him. In doing this her already loose tooth was pulled out. At first she was pretty upset but she then realized it was ready to happen anyways and she got happy.

Reese is almost 6 years old so I thought that we were past the point of cutting our hair out of curiosity. However, we were not past that point. Last Sunday Reese decided to experiment with cutting her own hair. I know it could be way worse but it is still pretty frustrating!

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