Monday, April 11, 2016

Reese's 6th birthday party

Reese is a planner like me and has had her 6th birthday party planned for about a year now, a rainbows & unicorns party at hopes and dreams gymnastics. 

Before the party we took our 4th annual family birthday party day photo in front of this window.

I love that the girls made Gigi and Pop Pop take a funny face picture with them. This is one we will treasure!

Sisters before the party started. 💜💛

Sweet kindergarten friends.

These 3 have been together since they were just months old and I adore this picture.

This one is a fun shot!

I think we got most of the group in this one.

Cake time.

There are many other friends I wish I'd gotten pictures of her with but its hard at a party. There were multiple groups of friends (kindergarten friends, preschool friends and a few neighbors) so I hoped she'd be able to have fun with everyone. She seemed to have a great time and so did all of her friends.

I really cannot believe that 6 years old is already here, tomorrow! Everyone has always told me that it flys by, and I believed them, but I never imagined it would go this fast. Reese you are such a kind hearted, sweet, strong willed, beautiful, artistic, amazing and lovable little girl. I am so lucky to be your mom. Happy birthday, I love you!

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