Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break 2016

This year was the first year that I experienced a true spring break with kids, since Reese is now in kindergarten. We made it a fun one!

The week prior to spring break I decided to join Neal in New York this year for a long weekend and my mother in law and mom graciously agreed to splitting the  time up with the girls so that I was able to go. Neal had to work most of the time while I was there but I had a great time. I got some good time with him, some good time alone, some good shopping time, great food and some fun time spent with my best friend from high school.

The week prior to spring break here was my mom's spring break. So when I got home from New York she spent a few more days up here and then we let Reese skip 2 days of school and made a long trek down to Houston. Along the way we spent the night with my cousin that lives north of Dallas. She has 2 girls that are older than my girls and my girls adore them and had so much fun playing with them. Her girls are really sweet, good girls that I am glad Reese and Ella enjoy so much. I regret that we didn't take any pictures with them. We also spent the night with my Aunt and Uncle at their ranch. This was a lot of fun for all of us. We took Polaris rides, fed cows, ran around in the country, made a fire and spent fun time with family. My sister Carrie and nephew Jacob met us out there and the girls always enjoy doing anything with Jacob (Carrie too).

We then drove the last 2 hours to Houston. We spent 3 days in Houston and had a great time. Neal attended his first rodeo and Brad Paisley performed, we ate lots of good food, had fun at Aunt Maureen's house, went to my parent's new church and played outside. 

On our way home we stayed in Dallas at a hotel with an indoor pool and the girls thought this was a great addition to the trip. The rest of the week we spent at home. We relaxed and spent some time outside. The end of the week was Easter so the girls participated in a couple of egg hunts and we made a bunny cake. It was a great 1st Spring Break!

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