Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reese 6 yo stats

Somehow Reese is 6 years old and has been for a few weeks now! Yesterday we went in for her 6 year old well child exam. I'm happy to report that she is a healthy little girl that is growing perfectly. She weighs 54 lbs., which is the 90th percentile. She is 49" tall, which is 98th percentile. He said she is perfectly proportionate 😊. She is fully in the big girls clothing section and wears a size medium top, size 7/8 bottom and we went shoe shopping last week and somehow she wears a size 2 😮! 

She eats like a bottomless pit and keeps growing taller and taller. She still sleeps with Lyla and brown blankie every night. Both she and her sister now sleep downstairs in the guest bedroom. They have slept together for a long time. She absolutely loves kindergarten and has the most amazing teacher that we all love. She was a terrible sleeper as a baby and since lightning struck our house has never slept through storms until about 8 months ago. She now sleeps though most anything, goes to sleep pretty easily at night and is a pretty great sleeper. She is such a sweet, compassionate, eager to please (but still strong willed), precious little girl. I love her and am blessed to be her mommy!

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