Monday, March 18, 2013


My poor sweet preschooler is not very keen on change. She is also very stubborn and when she doesn't want to do something she just isn't going to. Her school has a system where when teacher's are fewer (lunch hours or end of the day) they will send a couple of kiddos to the class above or below in order to keep the ratios at a good level. Reese has been asked to go with a couple of her friends to the studio above hers. She is completely opposed to doing this and will let her best friends go, but. she. will. not. go. Her teacher's stopped even trying months back, even though she is the oldest and it makes the most sense for her to go to the class above for an hour here or there, because she would throw such a fit.

A couple of weeks ago we were alerted that she and her best friend Reagan would be moving to studio 7 permanently. AND this promotion would be happening while Neal was traveling. I have been trying to talk about how much fun studio 7 is and all of the big girl activities that she would get to participate in. I have also been praying with her about it for the past few days. Every time I bring it up she just fusses about how much she doesn't want to do this.

This morning Reese came to my bed at 3:30 in the morning, upset about having to go to studio 7. She is too young to have anxiety about something like this that causes her not to be able to sleep! One of her biggest concerns was leaving her friend Carter. I told her again that it was going to be so much fun and that she would get a prize when she gets home for being brave and going to her new class. I said that Carter will come visit her in her new class and we would invite him to her birthday party too. I told her she could get in my bed and thought she would go right back to sleep. She would lay there quietly but when I would move to see if she was sleeping she would say "hi mommy". She would then lay still for a while and I would think she was asleep but then I would feel her rubbing or patting my back. She never went back to sleep!

When it was time for me to get ready I turned a show on for her and told her to lay in my bed and watch her show while I got ready, and try to go back to sleep. A few minutes later she came to the bathroom and said that her throat hurt and she couldn't "snore good" (this means that her nose is stopped up). I told her I would get her some medicine. I gave her some children's zyrtec and she got back in my bed. She then came back into the bathroom, a few minutes later, and said "I need the green bowl, I need to spit up". I gave her the bathroom trash can and she coughed and spit into it a few times and then went back to watching tv. When we went up to get Ella I excitedly told Ella that Reese got to go to the big girl class today and was going to get to play really fun games. Reese looked at us and said "no I am sick I can't go to school, I am staying home with you". She is also to young to be so smart and manipulative with this sort of thing!

She did great at drop off. She has a great teacher and I think she will love the class, once she comes to terms with the fact that it is happening whether she wants it to or not. I picked up some hello kitty cupcakes for her today as a reward for being so brave this morning...this made her day.

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  1. So sweet and so thoughtful, both of you! And I agree. Too smart for her own good! =)