Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reese's 1st hair cut

Reese’s hair has really taken off and grown extremely fast over the past year. Neal has not wanted to get her hair cut. A few weeks ago I blew her hair dry so that we could run a quick errand one evening when it was really cold. This was the first time that I had blown it dry and doing so caused it to be much straighter than when it air dries. Being straight made it evident that a trim was needed to even things up, even Neal agreed.

We went to the cutest little hair salon for children in Fayetteville, a couple of weeks ago, while my mom was in town visiting. Reese chose to sit in the airplane to have her hair cut. She did such a good job. Her hair really doesn’t look much different, just a little more even in the back. She felt like such a big girl and loves to talk about how “amazing” her hair looks. I love this child!

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