Saturday, March 9, 2013


Reese has the most adorable but outrageous imagination. She keeps us laughing often and I love her even more for that. A few weeks ago I took her grocery shopping with me. She was really good while we were there so I let her have a prize. She chose a rubber ducky, purple of course.

While we were at the store I asked her if she'd named the duck. She had, his name was god, ha. When we got to the car she informed me that she changed his name and it was now Sweetness. Sweetness was a more appropriate name and it has stuck. She has been very clear that the purple duck is a boy.

She has cracked us up with some of the stuff she's come up with and how in love she is with this duck. While we were still at the grocery store she walked through produce and put the duck up to many of the vegetables and said he was having a snack. He has gone to school with her every day and slept with her each night and he goes everywhere we go. She says that he quacks at her at night and she has to tell him to be quiet and that it's time to sleep. Earlier this week when we got to school I got her out of the car and put her on the sidewalk while I got Ella. When Ella and I got to the sidewalk she told us that Sweetness had pooped on the sidewalk and that we needed to be careful not to step in it.

On Tuesday we went to a restaurant for dinner, Sweetness joined us. When we got home and had Ella down for bed we realized that we were not sure where the duck was. Neal and I took turns searching without Reese realizing. We came to the conclusion that he had been left at the restaurant. Neal headed to Walmart to get another one. Reese began asking for Sweetness while he was gone so I told her that we'd forgotten him at the restaurant and that daddy had gone to get him (I'm thankful for our low prices at Walmart, these ducks are only $0.97). She was so excited to see him when Neal got home with him. He also picked up a pink one for Ella. Reese named Ella's for her, her name is Squeakles. Love this funny girl!

Reese's hairdo below is how it gets done when I'm out of town (I was in Orlando for work this week).

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