Thursday, March 28, 2013

is the cold over yet?

When Fall rolls around each year I am really excited about the cooler weather. I get excited about wearing sweaters, boots, making warm soups and being able to open the windows on nice days. I also look forward to the really cold and having a couple of good snows to play in. I have purchased the girls new snow wear each year for the past 2 years. The problem with this is that we have not gotten nearly enough snow to really play in the past 2 years. Reese’s 1st winter I didn’t get her any snow wear since she was so little and we got over 2 feet of snow that year. Last year we got a dusting, just enough to sled for 10 minutes. This year we got enough to play in 2 different times but not nearly enough to sled and really not enough to merit the snow gear, but they wore it anyways. I got some pictures of the last snow…it wasn’t really enough to build a snowman but we built a baby snowman. I wouldn’t mind a good snow that we could play in, and I guess it is still possible, but I think I would rather warmer spring like weather to play outside in instead.


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